What is Personal Practice Mentoring?

The aim of personal practice mentoring is to support ongoing personal mindfulness practice within a secular framework and context, through one-to-one sessions, with an experienced mindfulness-based teacher/supervisor.

Practice mentoring is separate to the key role of supervision in professional mindfulness-based teacher training and development and does not replicate this role in any way. It is not a requirement for teacher training. It serves as an independent process, providing an optional and enhanced focus on practice for all who wish to deepen their exploration of mindfulness practice in everyday life and work. It is ideal for mindfulness-based teachers as a way to rekindle inquiry and inspiration within the practice as this will naturally inform the teaching process.

Meet the mentors for more details of their backgrounds, experience and specific interests.

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How to apply for personal practice mentoring

Before applying, you will need to select a preferred mentor. See our full list of available mentors.

Please read each mentor’s profile with an eye to your personal practice background and requirements, but please be aware that you will not be able to choose a mentor who doesn’t have current availability.

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