The Mindfulness Network is committed to ensuring that our services are as accessible and inclusive as possible. Part of our vision involves removing financial barriers, as much as we can, by offering bursaries so that people from all backgrounds can afford to train to be mindfulness-based teachers, receive supervision and attend mindfulness retreats.

Find out more about our bursary schemes and apply:  

The Cindy Cooper Bursary for Supervision (OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS)


The Teacher Training Bursary (CLOSED FOR APPLICATIONS*)

*Please note that at the moment, we are only offering bursaries for supervision and specific events, but will be accepting applications for retreat and teacher training bursaries soon. 

Donate to support our bursaries

At the heart of our bursary fund is the generosity of teachers and supervisors who make donations to the fund from their own pockets, having worked to set up their own sustainable mindfulness business and wanting to help support other teachers who may need temporary financial help, or teachers who want to set up a mindfulness course in hard to reach areas or groups.

All donations are gratefully received via our donations page