A donation can help us make mindfulness-based approaches more accessible.

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Our vision: By developing mindfulness and compassion both internally and through our services, The Mindfulness Network has the intention to reduce/alleviate human suffering, promote well-being and create the conditions in which people, communities and the planet, can flourish. 

We recognise that the mindfulness world is not truly representative and diverse. We are committed, though, to being part of the solution to this problem by ensuring that our services are as accessible and inclusive as possible, and that impact from those using our services can reach into wider communities. By removing financial barriers, as much as we can, people from all socio-economic backgrounds will be able to afford to train to be mindfulness-based teachers, receive supervision and attend mindfulness retreats. Widening access in this way is vital to the relevance and integrity of our field. 

Your donation would help us widen access and impact, by creating three bursary funds (for supervision, teacher training and retreats) and lowering the costs of our events. We will give particular priority to those who can demonstrate that their work will support equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), in line with our EDI Policy. 

Christina Feldman, one of the leading founding mindfulness teachers in the West, has endorsed our appeal:

The Mindfulness Network is doing a sterling job of providing mindfulness training of the highest standard. Supporting the bursary funds is an invaluable contribution in ensuring these trainings are available to all, regardless of their backgrounds or financial struggles. Those who train will go on to touch the lives of many in meaningful ways. Your contribution significantly supports the networks aim to be fully inclusive. 

There are four funds that you can donate to:

Priority will be given to those teaching in communities with wide reaching impact.

The Cindy Cooper Bursary Fund for Supervision

This fund will help mindfulness-based teachers access supervision, which is required to meet the good practice guidelines for teachers who offer mindfulness courses. Your donation will support teachers financially at the start of their teaching, or at critical points in their development, or to support equality, diversion and inclusion.

The Retreat Bursary Fund

Retreats are an essential requirement for teachers of mindfulness-based approaches (MBAs) to meet good practice guidelines. This bursary fund is used to support MBA trainees and teachers at key stages in their development to attend retreats.

The Teacher Training Bursary Fund

This fund will help those training to become mindfulness-based teachers. It will be aimed at those who would otherwise not be able to train as mindfulness-based teachers, and particularly to support equality, diversity and inclusion.

The Widening Access Fund

If you want to make a donation to the Mindfulness Network and let us decide how best to use the money, then this is the fund to choose. This fund will be used, for example:

  • to support special projects that help us develop services for MBA teachers (e.g. developing an online community for teachers).
  • to offer additional bursaries that do not fit neatly into the Supervision, Retreat or Teacher Training Bursary Funds (e.g. to support a trainer to develop skills that meet a training need we have that is not readily available).
  • to allow us to price some events below cost where we think there is a special need (e.g. a retreat or training event for teachers that supports our EDI policy).
  • to create an emergency reserves fund to support unforeseen events (e.g. an event cancellation for reasons beyond our control).
  • to cover the costs of administering these funds, if we cannot do so from surpluses on events.

To read more about each of the bursaries in detail and apply, visit Our Bursaries page.

If you make a donation then: 

  • 90% of your donation to a bursary will go directly to supporting an applicant who receives that bursary 
  • the remaining 10% of your donation (to a bursary) will go directly to the Widening Access Fund to cover administration of the fund 
  • all gift aid that we claim will go into the Widening Access Fund