The Teacher Training Bursary

This bursary fund will help those training to become mindfulness-based teachers. It is aimed at those who would otherwise not be able to train as mindfulness-based teachers, and particularly to support equality, diversity and inclusion.  

A bursary application should show how it aligns with the Mindfulness Network vision and specifically how this bursary will benefit the wider community, especially underrepresented communities, or as part of a charity or social enterprise.  

In monthly meetings, a panel will carefully review each bursary application based on the information provided, considering both the level of support requested and the funds available. Priority will be given to those teaching in communities with wide reaching impact. 

Please check that you meet the following criteria, and it is recommended to include information about all of these criteria on the application form:  

You can apply for 25% towards the standard cost of a chosen training event. A bursary place is not a free place. This allows us to keep the fund open for others and ensure that the money is used to best effect.

Bursary-assisted places are available until three months before the start date of the training. We strongly recommend that you complete the bursary application form well in advance and wait for the bursary panel decision before booking onto the event. Bursaries will not be granted for an event that is within three months, has already taken place or for events sought outside of the Mindfulness Network.   

Ready to Apply?  

To apply for a bursary place, please download and complete the application form, and then email it back to us at 

If your application is successful and is at least three months before the start date, you will then be able to apply for bursary-assisted place on your chosen teacher training. 

DOWNLOAD: Application for a Training Bursary