Mindfulness Practices (free audio downloads)

Feel free to play or download any of the mindfulness practices listed below.  If you wish to just play the track, please just click on the name of the practice. If you wish to download a track, however, right click on the track and choose “save link as.”

Although the practices are all free of charge, please consider making a donation that will help us make mindfulness-based approaches more accessible. These downloads are for personal use only and protected under our Copyright policy.

Mindfulness Audio Tracks for the Workplace

Track 1 – Breath and the Body (6:30 mins, 9MB)

Track 2 – Body Scan (13:26 mins, 18MB)

Track 3 – Mindful Movement (12:51 mins), 18MB)

Track 4 – Mindful Walking (8:52 mins, 12MB)

Track 5 – Mindfulness of Breath and the Body (10:05 mins, 14MB)

Track 6 – Mindfulness of Sounds and Thoughts (10:01 mins, 14MB)

Track 7 – Three-step Breathing Space (3:34 mins, 5MB)

Body Scan Practices

Rebecca Crane – Body Scan Meditation

Eluned Gold – Body Scan

Judith Soulsby – Body Scan

Jody Mardula – Body Scan

Cindy Cooper – Relaxation Body Scan

Three-minute Breathing Space Practices

Taravajra – Three-minute Breathing Space

Rebecca Crane – Three-minute Breathing Space

Karunavira – Three-minute Breathing Space

Jody Mardula – Three-minute Breathing Space (coping with difficult space)

Eluned Gold, Three-minute Breathing Space

Sitting Meditations

Sarah Silverton – Sitting Meditation (45 mins)

Sarah Silverton – Sitting Meditation

Rebecca Crane – Sitting Meditation

Rebecca Crane – Sitting Meditation (20 mins)

Jody Mardula – Sitting Meditation

Eluned Gold – Sitting Meditation

Cindy Cooper – Sitting Meditation

Mindful Movement and Walking Practice

Cindy Cooper – Mindful Movement and Walking

Mindful Movement Practices

Sarah Silverton – Mindful Movement

Rebecca Crane – Mindful Movement

Judith Soulsby – Mindful Movement

Jody Mardula – Mindful Movement

Eluned Gold – Mindful Movement

Walking Meditations

Judith Soulsby – Introduction To Walking Meditation

Cindy Cooper – Mindful Walking

Jody Mardula – Walking Meditation

Cindy Cooper – Walking Meditation

Short Practices

Rebecca Crane – 10-minute Walking Meditation

Rebecca Crane – 10-minute Sitting Meditation

Rebecca Crane – 10-minute Sitting Meditation (2)

Jody Mardula – Five-minute Grounding and Breath

Jody Mardula – 20-minute Body Scan

Jody Mardula – 15-minute Sitting Meditation

Jody Mardula – Mountain Meditation

Jody Mardula – Lake Meditation

Stretch and Breathe Practices

Sarah Silverton – Stretch and Breathe

Rebecca Crane – Stretch and Breathe

Mixture of Separate Single Meditations

Rebecca Crane – 30-minute Silence

Judith Soulsby – Acceptance and Kindness

Welsh Language Meditation

Bethan Roberts – Body Scan (45-munud)

Compassion Practices

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