Debbie Hu – Trustee

Debbie Hu
Debbie Hu

I am the Chief of the Psychiatric Department at the Tainan Municipal Hospital in Taiwan. I specialise in child and adolescent psychiatry and psycho-oncology. I am also a university lecturer and the chairperson of the Taiwan Clinical Society of Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

As well as a certified MBCT teacher and a trainer through the Oxford Mindfulness Center, I am also trained in Mindfulness-Based Supervision through the Mindfulness Network and am a registered supervisor.

I have extensive experience teaching the MBCT family programmes for cancer patients, workplaces, university students, healthcare professionals, and general populations. In addition to that, I am also a MiSP .b and paws b teacher for children and teenagers.

My interest in mindfulness began in 2012 when I started working with the cancer population. I subsequently trained as a mindfulness teacher and, more recently, a trainer and supervisor. I have attended insight meditation retreats guided by mindfulness teachers regularly. As well as retreats, I regularly meditate, which provide precious opportunities to cultivate steady and grounded qualities in extended and challenging conditions.

I enjoy working in a team and supporting each other. Having the experience of distance learning since the pandemic, I am keen to be involved in developing an international online Community. I wish to continue contributing within the framework of the Mindfulness Network and, with the support of colleagues, continue to run the Monday Mandarin Practice group.

Among my other interests of note are travelling, tasting food and wine, meeting people, and cultural activities.