Hayley Dunne – Trustee

Hayley Dunne – Trustee

Being the best version of yourself because everyone else is taken, supporting people, and looking after your team is what I am passionate about. As someone with a hidden disability, which didn’t become apparent until my mid-30s, it took me some time to get to the best version of myself.

My career has been in the charity sector, and I have over 25 years experience of in leading projects and organisational culture. For 22 years I worked in Gender Equality delivering and securing funding for projects. I have led change in outcomes-based ways of working, work-life balance, mental health & wellbeing, home-based working, culture, equality & diversity, and modern working practices all with the aim of supporting individuals to be the best version of themselves.

I first became aware of mindfulness before it was called mindfulness through a forward-thinking GP who suggested relaxation techniques to treat tension headaches because of stress at work. That is when my mindfulness practice started and has served me well in becoming the best version of myself. I am grateful for that doctor and the learning I have done, including an MBSR course, and encourage and support others in their well-being by publishing a Wellbeing Wednesday blog on social media.

As a Mindfulness Network trustee, I am bringing my leadership, fundraising, and lived experience of a challenge to the table to support the organisation to grow. I am also interested in bringing mindfulness to a broader audience, particularly those with hearing loss.

I am Welsh born and bred and Welsh is my first language, I moved to London for a while before moving back to Wales where I now live with my family in the house where I grew up.

Contact/further information: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hayleydunne/