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March 2024: Monthly Newsletter

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Our New Chair of Trustees

September 2023: Supervision News

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June 2023: Mindfulness Retreats and Compassion-based Events

May 2023: Supervision Update

April 2023: Monthly Newsletter

CHANGE OF DATE: The International Conference on Mindfulness will be 3-5 August 2024 in Bangor, UK

March 2023: Our Extended Training Pathway

February 2023: Retreats and Compassion Events

January 2023: Supervision Update

December 2022: Training Update

November 2022: Retreats and Compassion Events

Announcing The 2024 International Conference on Mindfulness (ICM) in Bangor, UK – SAVE THE DATE: July 25 to 27, 2024

September 2022: All About the Mindfulness Network Community Friends

August 2022: Supervision Update

July 2022: Teacher Training Update

June 2022: Retreats and Compassion Events

May 2022: News and Events

April 2022: Supervision Spring Update

March 2022: Teacher Training Update

February 2022: Retreats and Compassion Events

January 2022: What’s in store for 2022?

December 2021: Supervision Winter Update

November 2021: Teacher Training Update

October 2021: Retreats, Compassion and MNCF

September 2021: Our new Executive Director

August 2021: Supervision Autumn Update

July 2021: Teacher Training Update

June 2021: Retreats and Compassion Newsletter

May 2021: Celebrate 20 years of Mindfulness at Bangor University

April 2021: Supervision Spring Update

March 2021: Training with the Mindfulness Network

February 2021: Online Retreats and Compassion Events

January 2021: Connection. Compassion. Community

December 2020: Goodbye 2020

October 2020: The New Normal

June 2020: Looking Forward

May 2020: Moving forward

April 2020: Managing through the crisis

March 2020: Announcement in light of coronavirus

February 2020: Retreat Newsletter

January 2020: Hello 2020

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