Our Vision

By developing mindfulness and compassion both internally and through our services, the Mindfulness Network has the intention to reduce/alleviate human suffering, promote well-being and create the conditions in which people, communities and the planet, can flourish.

Our Mission

What we do:
  • We offer a network of services that provide high quality mindfulness training, supervision, retreats and other mindfulness-based services.
  • We contribute and align to national initiatives around best practice in mindfulness-based approaches (MBAs) – linking the delivery of our services to the evidence base and good practice guidance, and supporting the development of the evidence.
  • We contribute to and are responsive to the changing context, evidence base and evolving understanding of the theoretical foundations for the delivery of mindfulness and compassion approaches.
Who we do it for:
  • Mindfulness and compassion-based teachers who are part of delivering the vision through their work within their communities. We endeavour to widen the scope and reach of our work; to expand the diversity of our teams and those who use our services.
  • We are particularly interested in supporting teachers who are working with specific projects within under-represented communities.
  • Mindfulness-based practitioners wishing to establish or deepen practice.
How we do it:
  • By connecting compassionately to the challenges, difficulties and suffering in the world, local communities and individuals, including ourselves.
  • Through the services offered and the network of people who provide them.
  • Through showcasing creative and innovative ways of developing mindfulness and compassion.
  • Through offering services at supportive rates; and through growing funding and donations to support flexible rates and bursaries.
  • We aim to seek out funding opportunities to support particular projects and disseminate learning.

Our Values

To be courageous, passionate and pioneering

To be humble, committed to learning and open to change

To be creative and supportive to the communities that we work with and within

To be collaborative, fair, respectful and transparent in our communications, behaviour and decision making

To care for the well-being of others and the planet, and be safe in our work

To ensure that gratitude and generosity permeate our work