The Mindfulness Network, Bangor University and the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) share a collaborative relationship around mindfulness-based supervision and teacher training.

Since 2014, we have provided high quality supervision for trainees on any of the CMRP training programmes and pathways, including the Teacher Training Pathway (TTP), standalone courses and the Master’s in Mindfulness at Bangor University.

In 2018, the Mindfulness Network formalised an agreement with Bangor University to deliver the long-established, internationally recognised programme of Teacher Training developed by the CMRP. As part of this, supervision continues to be offered to all trainees through the Mindfulness Network. All of the CMRP trainers and senior teachers also offer supervision through the Mindfulness Network and are familiar with the different pathways.

The Mindfulness Network is proud to be partnered with the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation (OMF) to offer high quality supervision for mindfulness-based teachers.

Historically, OMF recommended supervisors from their own training team and associates but have increasingly recognised the Mindfulness Network as a useful access point for supervision. Under this partnership (November 2019) we aim to work together closely to ensure that trainees engaged in any of the OMF trainings can access the supervision they require through the Mindfulness Network website, in keeping with the BAMBA Good Practice Guidelines for Supervisors and our own stringent requirements.

  • The Mindfulness Network will provide OMF trainees with supervision guidance and access to supervisors.
  • Our supervisors will have thorough and up to date knowledge of the OMF training pathway and specialist supervision needs. This includes offering MBCT-L supervision.

The Mindfulness Network is partnered with Erik van den Brink and Frits Koster, the developers of Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living.

Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living (MBCL) is follow-up compassion training programme taken after a foundational course in mindfulness for those who wish to learn how to deal in a healthy way with pain, stress or suffering, in whatever form it presents – physical, mental, emotional or relational. Those already familiar with mindfulness practice can deepen the healing effects of mindfulness with the help of this programme, which offers practices in cultivating compassion for yourself, others and the planet at large, as developed by Erik van den Brink and Frits Koster.

In Iceland our respected partner Núvitundarsetrið currently offers the full Teacher Training Pathway (TTP) in English and hopes, in the longer term, to move towards delivering in Icelandic.

The vision of the Mindfulness Centre, Reykjavik  – Núvitundarsetrið – is to offer high-quality, mindfulness-based interventions to people of all age groups and from all parts of the community in order to enable them to live with awareness, wisdom and compassion. It is possible to complete the TTP in full in Iceland. Together, our aim is to support the professional standards and integrity of mindfulness training in Iceland.

It is currently possible to complete the full Teacher Training Pathway (TTP) in Spanish in Spain through collaboration with our partner organisation MBCT-Spain. We have been working with MBCT-Spain since 2015.

The purpose of MBCT-Spain is to develop the highest quality MBCT teaching and training in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries. We seek to make the programme accessible within different settings and to promote the value of mindfulness for both professional institutions and society in general. To achieve this, we collaborate with the Asociación Española de Mindfulness (AEMind), a non-profit association focused on promoting research, practice and training in mindfulness from the perspective of scientific psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

Mindful Directory, a collaboration with, is a global platform where mindfulness professionals and training organizations share their details and display event information. On the Directory you will find a range of meditation courses, retreats and teachers.



The Mindfulness Network is partnered with 5P Medicine in China, delivering Mindfulness Teacher Training to the Chinese-speaking community.

We have been working with 5P since 2021.

5P Medicine offers offline and online exercises and courses on mindfulness meditation and psychology‑related topics to help people’s mental health in stressful environments. In order to deliver mindfulness training to the highest quality, our Training Team works closely with interpreters and 5P’s founder Cancan Jin.

5P Medicine is committed to building up a digital community with equality, inclusiveness, and compassion, playing a leading role in the development of mindfulness science in the Chinese-speaking region.