The Mindfulness Network is committed to ensuring that our services are as accessible and inclusive as possible. Part of our vision involves removing financial barriers, as much as we can, by offering bursaries so that people from all backgrounds can afford to train to be mindfulness-based teachers, receive supervision and attend mindfulness retreats.  

About our bursaries 

We are pleased to be able to offer a limited number of bursary-assisted places for people in need of financial support and who work in a way that is aligned with our vision and mission. Our bursaries are to support, train and widen access for the community of mindfulness-based teachers, in line with our charitable purpose. 

Please note that bursaries are for Mindfulness Network services only and are divided into two bursary schemes:

  • the Cindy Cooper Bursary for Supervision – see the Supervision website to find out more about Supervision and our available Supervisors, then – APPLY BELOW 
  • the Events Bursary including Training, Retreats, Compassion Events, Supervision Training, and Supervision Retreats – see the Mindfulness Network Calendar to view our full programme and register for an event, then – APPLY BELOW

We can generally offer bursary contributions for 25% or 50% or towards the cost of a chosen event and up to 75% towards the cost of a series of Individual Supervision, Supra-vision, or Group Supervision sessions with a Mindfulness Network registered supervisor. We will consider requests for higher levels of bursary support for both schemes, though this will be dependent on the need and availability of funds.

If you do not wish to apply for an Events Bursary at this time, but feel that payments by instalments would be helpful to allow you to spread the cost of an event, please do get in touch to discuss this further. Email finance@mindfulness-network.org.

In monthly meetings, a panel will carefully review each bursary application based on the information provided, considering both the level of support requested and the funds available, to ensure that the money is used to the best effect. 

When funds are available, the bursary scheme will be marked as OPEN, below, and applications are welcome.

When a fund is empty, we will not be able to provide bursaries for that service. The bursary scheme will be marked as CLOSED, below, and we will not be able to accept applications until enough funds become available to reopen the scheme.  

We keep a record of the balance of the bursary fund, applications received, applications declined, and applications accepted.  

How to apply for a bursary

1. Please note that bursary-assisted places are available until three months before the start date of an event or supervision to allow enough time for bursary applications to be processed. If it is less than three months before the start date please get in touch to discuss if an application is possible at this time.  Bursaries will not be granted for an event/supervision that has already taken place or for events/supervision sought outside of the Mindfulness Network.  

2. Before applying for a bursary-assisted place, please check that you meet the following criteria:

3. Complete a Bursary Application Form about the potential impact this bursary will have. A bursary application should align with the Mindfulness Network vision to reduce/alleviate human suffering, promote well-being and create the conditions in which people, communities and the planet, can flourish. Specifically, it should show how it will assist in mindfulness-based practices reaching people who may not otherwise be able to access mindfulness in line with our EDI policy. We are particularly interested in supporting teachers who are working with specific projects within under-represented communities, or as part of a charity or social enterprise. Priority will be given to those teaching in communities with wide reaching impact.  

4. A bursary panel meets monthly to review applications and allocate funds. A member of our team will contact you to let you know the outcome of the bursary application and next steps.

Ready to apply?  

Click on the bursary scheme you wish to apply for, download and complete an application form, and then email it back to us at info@mindfulness-network.org

To apply for an Event Bursary, please first register on the event on the Mindfulness Network Calendar and select the fee ‘I’m applying for a bursary-assisted place’. Once you have registered on the event then complete and return the Events Bursary application form. 


To apply for the Cindy Cooper Bursary for Supervision, complete and return the Supervision Bursary application form. If your application is successful, you will then be able to apply for bursary-assisted Individual Supervision, Supra-vision or Group Supervision with one of our Mindfulness Network registered supervisors.

The Cindy Cooper Bursary for Supervision (OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS)

Other funds available…

All donations help to fund our bursaries 

As a charity we want to continue to offer high-quality mindfulness and compassion events for all, while those who wish to support us can do so via our donations page.